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This page is the final repository for 2013 links from the ever-scrolling sidebar column at the right of the Ansible Links page. The editor has no intention of running regular checks on their continued validity.

December 2013
"Chaosium Cleans Up Its Act"
Neil Gaiman, UK Book of the Year winner
Loncon 3 PR2 available
Holmesian Xmas card by Bryan Talbot
David Cameron's "Parental Control" blocking of SF Encyclopedia, Ansible, much much more
Brian Aldiss interviewed
The Hobbit and Vitamin D
2014 GUFF ballot [PDF]
Santa Claus/George R.R. Martin
Hobbit films lawsuit; Walking Dead tv lawsuit
Tolkien on a banknote? Not really
"Can Science Fiction Survive in Saudi Arabia?"
Colin Wilson (1931-2013); at last the BBC notices
2017 Worldcon bid: Washington DC
Samuel R. Delany, SFWA Grand Master
2014 DUFF nominations close on 6 January
"Grisly Remains Of 15 Hobbits Discovered In Peter Jackson’s Attic"
SF imagery wins Bad Sex Award
Asterix legal actions
"Behold the ... Moorcock" (interview)
Kramer trial begins, ends; commentary at File 770
Waterstones and the future of book deliveries (in response to Amazon drones)

November 2013
Saudi sf censorship
Guardian: How to write science fiction
SFWA qualifying rates to rise
Dysprosium: a 2015 UK Eastercon bid
Skiffy in North Korea
2014 GUFF candidates announced
Rights challenge to It's a Wonderful Life sequel
"C.S. Lewis's literary legacy: 'dodgy and unpleasant' or 'exceptionally good'?"
Can there be such a thing as too much Doctor Who? (Yes.)
C.S. Lewis celebrated in Belfast
Michael Swanwick: "The Name of the Genre"
Doris Lessing (1919-2013); photos; BBC report;; BBC obituary; Guardian obituary
"Who owns the Tardis?"
Saltire Prize for first sf novel in Gaelic
World Fantasy – The Fun Bits; The Dark Side; updates and oddments; Harassment Roundup
Asimov FBI Investigation
The Frankenstein Notebooks: read the original drafts
TAFF newsletter: TAFFtastic 1:1 [PDF]
A science fiction museum in Washington DC?
British Fantasy Awards 2013
World Fantasy Awards 2013
Ender's Game controversy coverage at the Guardian; "sequel no longer likely"; a "Primer" at

October 2013
Gemmell Awards 2013
Plato and Dumbledore
C.S. Lewis remembered in November
"Jacob Wallenstein Is the Greatest Science-Fiction Writer to Never Have Lived"
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show 2013 Tour cancelled
2014 GUFF nominations open
Charles Platt on driving with Tom Disch and Marilyn Hacker
2014 TAFF nominations open
Doctor Who: lost episodes found
Tom Clancy (1947-2013)

September 2013
Spider Robinson has heart attack, is recovering well
Margaret Atwood again
SF2 Concatenation: Autumn newsdump
"The Hugo Awards: an Apology"; Audiobooks and Hugos
Ann (A.C.) Crispin (1950-2013)
Frederik Pohl (1919-2013); SF Encyclopedia; Guardian (Chris Priest); Independent (John Clute); New York Times
Nova Awards online ballot
Not sour grapes at all. Of course not.
Hugo winners
Hayao Miyazaki retires
Worldcon Newsletters in PDF
Spokane wins 2015 Worldcon; official site here

August 2013
Dublin Worldcon bid for 2019
Fun with WFC panels
SF still not SF when Margaret Atwood writes it
Games in Iain Banks
"The future's bright. Shame cinema isn't" (Guardian)
Alien gargoyle
Lovecraft Wars: S.T. Joshi gives an opponent a good kicking
Google Street View inside the TARDIS
SFWA kicks out unspecified member, whose identity comes as no surprise
World Fantasy Awards shortlist
Iain M. Banks deckchairs at the Edinburgh International Book Festival
Gemmell Awards shortlist
Ansible (and others) reviewed
Omni Reboot
Ho Ho Very Satirical
Destroy All Fan Hugos; John Scalzi disagrees

July 2013
Stephen King's horrific treatment of his children
Mick Farren (1943-2013); SFE; Independent
The Decline and Fall of the Book Cover; some risible examples; and more!
Flann O'Brien, Pulp SF Author
Prometheus Awards
H.P. Lovecraft Square
Mythopoeic Awards
The Crime of J.K. Rowling; more
More on the Ender's Game film boycott call
Giant maize Dalek
So. Farewell then, James Frenkel ...
Dragon*Con dumps Ed Kramer; more
"A Timeline of the 2013 SFWA Controversies"
Asteroid Iainbanks
"Dear Twelve Rabid Weasels of SFWA, please shut the fuck up."
Sidewise Awards shortlist
Expensive comics pulped; another version
Arthur C. Clarke will make it into space, by a hair

June 2013
Roger Dean sues James Cameron over Avatar
Locus Awards
Weird Tales un-acceptance letter
Pat Cadigan: bad news but maybe not too bad
Sexual harassment at conventions: reporting and naming names; a round-up of links
Letters on Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" (1948)
Giant Gromits in Bristol
Richard Matheson (1926-2013)
An unexpected Diana Wynne Jones novel
More on the Voynich Manuscript
The World SF Blog: "A Last Word"
British Fantasy Awards shortlist
"Racist Takes Dump in SFWA Twitter Stream"
"Dangerous Visions": Ballardian radio
The Saul Zaentz Company strikes again
Stoker Awards
DUFF result
Campbell, Sturgeon, Lifeboat awards
Joe Queenan is grumpy about superhero films
More SFWA controversy
Iain Banks (1954-2013); BBC; Guardian; tributes; more tributes. Full obituaries: Guardian, Independent, Telegraph; Granta
Doctor Who to regenerate again
Various SFWA rumblings; sources quoted [scroll down]; Jim C. Hines summarizes with ever so many links

May 2013
Jack Vance (1916-2013); Guardian; Independent; The Register
Forry Ackerman sends blot from beyond the grave!
Naomi Mitchison bibliography
Doctor Who racist?
Iain Banks is more cheerful
Loncon 3 "special May holiday sale": membership discounts 24-27 May
Another plagiarist exposed
2012 Nebula winners
SF Encyclopedia Picture Gallery
Mythopoeic Awards shortlist
Remember Perry Rhodan?
Star Wars vs Doctor Who in Norwich
Sturgeon and Campbell award shortlists
"Don’t make fun of renowned Dan Brown"
Jay Lake: worse news
Locus Awards shortlist
Ray Harryhausen (1920-2013)
N. Lee Wood and cancer
Clarke Award winner; a tangential criticism

April 2013
2013 DUFF race begins
More from Iain Banks
Jim Mowatt wins TAFF 2013; voting details etc in TAFFline #6,
Concatenation Summer news review
Eurocon 2013 Awards
Complex literary hoaxing involves our very own Foundation ...
"War of the worlds: who owns the political soul of science fiction?"
Hugo meta-debate
Clarke Award shortlist
Night Shade Books: another mess
Iain Banks: bad news
1 April Locus drollery; plus one that was removed, with an apology
1 April Moorcock Horror!

March 2013
EightSquaredCon newsletters
BSFA Awards
Hugo nominees; a protest
Philip K. Dick Award winner: Brian Francis Slattery, Lost Everything
Paul Williams (1948-2013)
James Herbert (1943-2013)
Anders Celsius outlines an sf story c1735
Clarke Award submissions
Tiptree Award
Card's Superman story postponed after artist withdraws; another view
Richard E. Geis (1927-2013)

February 2013
Kitschies winners
Hobbit film dispute documents released
Bram Stoker Awards shortlist
Nebula Awards shortlist
Dragon*Con boycott urged (again)
Scientology Fun with Harlan Ellison
FAAn awards ballot at
Meteor smash results in shameless plug for BSFA
3-D Printing, Game of Thrones and IP Law
Orson Scott Card to script Superman comics; and what of his film?
"Dr Fredric Wertham Lied And Lied And Lied About Comics"
Games Workshop claims to own the term "space marines" (as used by Heinlein, Doc Smith ...); update with better news
Tolkien estate countersued over LOTR slot machines

January 2013
"Flawed forecasting"
Stoker Awards preliminary ballot
Hugo Gernsback, SF Artist?
PULP-O-MIZER Pulp Magazine Cover Generator
"The battle against 'sexist' sci-fi and fantasy book covers"
Amazing Stories relaunch
Kitschies shortlist
Urgent BSFA January meeting rescheduled
BSFA Awards shortlist
Bogus guest-speaker invitations for sf writers
Concatenation Spring news review
Jay Lake's cancer treatment fundraiser
GUFF 2013 result
Official TAFF 2013 announcement and ballot form as RTF and HTML
Philip K. Dick Award shortlist
TAFF 2013: Theresa Derwin vs Jim Mowatt
The Hobbit and Macroeconomics
Man Somehow Eats Entire Denny’s Hobbit Menu Without Dying
Charles Chilton (1917-2013)
Costa Book Awards