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This page is the final repository for 2012 links from the ever-scrolling sidebar column at the right of the Ansible Links page. The editor has no intention of running regular checks on their continued validity.

December 2012
Peter David had a stroke; more from Kathleen David
A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs
Doctor Who stamps
Gerry Anderson, 1929-2012 (BBC); Guardian; Independent; Telegraph
Scrooge in Klingon
Christmas treat for fan historians: online archive-in-progress of The Fantast (1939-1942) ed. Sam Youd alias "John Christopher" and others
Well, I like the headline.
The traditional Ansible Christmas image [larger]
Gene Wolfe, SFWA Grand Master
Hans Christian Andersen MS discovered
Hobbit `mockbuster' parody release blocked
LoneStarCon rates rise 1 January
Patrick Moore (1923-2012)
Angela Carter fantasy wins James Tait Black "Best of Best" award
Thog and Bad Sex (Mainstream Dept)
As Others See Us
Another failed space elevator

November 2012
LoneStarCon membership discount until 3 December
C.S. Lewis in Poet's Corner
Boris Strugatsky (1933-2012)
McCrum on genre (yawn)
Inaugural British Comics Awards
2012 TAFF candidates sought
Terry Pratchett "almost died"
Bestselling sf "Infographic"; Making Light commentary
Ken MacLeod on socialism and transhumanism
Nova Awards
"Horror: a genre doomed to literary hell?"
The $480,000 dress
The Famous Five with added time travel
World Fantasy Awards
Mind at the End of Its Tether

October 2012
Another New Yorker piece on genre fiction and how it can't be as good as ...
David (Cloud Atlas) Mitchell on genre
Paul Krugman introduces the Folio Society Foundation trilogy
Quivering Puppies: Thog vs paranormal fantasy sex
Warner Bros defeats Shuster heirs in Superman copyright lawsuit
"5 Famous Artists Who Tried to Destroy Their Own Work"
2013 GUFF race is on; ballot forms here
"2012 TAFF Nominations announced"
Terry Pratchett reminisces (Independent)
Charlie Stross is broken (see X-ray)
US presidential campaign goes skiffy
Can this be Thog fanfiction?
Dorchester Publishing rights reversion: are you on this typo-strewn list?
As Others See Red Dwarf fans
"6 [SF] Movie Mysteries the Characters Should've Solved Way Sooner"
New Worlds site has some content at last!
Nova Awards online ballot
"Scientology’s Meltdown"
British Fantasy Awards 2012

September 2012
James White Award: deadline 16 December
"Every Doctor Who villain since 1963"
SF Concatenation news, Autumn 2012
The Picture of Dorian Gray, still timeless
Censored Hugo ceremony video to be rebroadcast on 9 September
2012 Hugo winners; voting and nomination statistics [PDF]; "How copyright enforcement robots killed the Hugo Awards"; more on this; photo of 2012 trophy; Guardian
Loncon 3 is the 2014 London Worldcon
2012 Chesley winners
Being horrid to Doctor Who
"JG Ballard and the alchemy of memory"
Ed Kramer and Dragon*Con (again)

August 2012
Pre-Hugo tension
Ray Bradbury: not a commie
TAFF: latest newsletter
GUFF 2013 nominations open
Weird Tales racist/non-racist uproar analysed; more at io9; Weird Tales volteface; background; Guardian comment
Harry Harrison (1925-2012); Guardian obituary by Chris Priest; New York Times; Independent
Parke Godwin: bad news
The Guardian discovers fan fiction (including The Enchanted Duplicator); gets a lot wrong
Unusual convention invitation
Strange Horizons on (inter alia) Ansible
"The secret is out."
Forbes: Top-earning genre authors
Carl Brandon Award winners
World Fantasy Award final ballot
Emma Bull and Steve Brust: help with medical horrors suggested
Mythopoeic Awards: 2012 winners
Readercon public statement; a comment; another
SCA abuse settlement
Gore Vidal (1925-2012)
The Hobbit: why stop at a trilogy?

July 2012
Ursula K. Le Guin interview (Wired)
"Zero tolerance" at Readercon; more; more; Whatever summary; a letter/petitioncontinuedfurther continued; a note from the Readercon chair; huge link summary; board resignations
"Ayn Rand’s The Lord of the Rings
Hobbit obesity warning; confirmed
London in 2014: Progress Report -1
Library of America 1950s SF classics: read the introductions
Vampires and revenants in Congress
World Fantasy Life Achievement awards
Batman's Bane and Mitt Romney
Depressing news from Colorado
Shirley Jackson award winners
2012 Prometheus winners
Chicon: main hotel full
Terry Goodkind outs a pirate
Never call him an obsessive
Amazing "Relaunch Prelaunch"
The John Sladek Society

June 2012
Gerry Anderson: bad news; Fanderson
"How to vote for the Hugos"
The Economist on Ray Bradbury
Michael Swanwick mourns The Prince
How the ansible works
"Harry Potter is the Antichrist!"
Wall Street Journal discovers fan fiction
Fifty Shades of Thog
Locus Award winners
David Gemmell Legend Award winners
Peter Jackson and Hobbits
Bring Me the Head of George W. Bush
Sidewise Awards shortlist
"Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against PublishAmerica"
George Takei, cyberterrorist
Ray Bradbury (1920-2012); Locus; President Obama; BBC tributes roundup; "Ray Bradbury wrote modern myths, not science fiction"
Pay £300 to be reviewed? There are cheaper deals.
"Scientology Wins a Major Award Again!" (Village Voice)
DUFF result: Hold Over Funds

May 2012
Terry Pratchett wins Wodehouse prize
Olaf Stapledon remembered
Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire winners
Leo Dillon (1933-2012)
Worst unmade movie poll
Sturgeon Award shortlist
Mythopoeic Awards shortlist
SF/Fantasy Translation Awards shortlist
Nebula winners
"'Game Of Thrones' Running Out Of Unkempt Old Men To Cast"
DUFF 2012 voting opens; ballot [PDF]
Warren Ellis on New Worlds
John W. Campbell Memorial Award shortlist
"Fandom matters" (Guardian)
British Fantasy Awards shortlist
The Pentagon on The Avengers
Another Paul Krugman interview, with sf plugs
The Guardian on the Clarke Award result; and again with reference to the Priest Polemic; a photo
Dear Speculative Fiction ...; a response
Locus Awards shortlist
Terry Pratchett, banking guru

April 2012
Kate Wilhelm: "A lifetime of writing"
Mary Doria Russell: Saying “No” to Hollywood
Dublin wins 2014 Eurocon
The 10 Grumpiest Living Writers
Tor to abandon ebook DRM; Tor UK likewise
More Adjustment Bureau lawsuits
Shirley Jackson Awards shortlist
"Battlefield Earth is the worst film ever"
Philip K. Dick on Blade Runner (1981)
Alleged Lookalikes
"H.P. Lovecraft Answers Your Relationship Questions"
Concatenation news for Summer 2012
Lego remake of 2001
Milford (UK) SF Writers' Conference – bookings now open
Nick Webb (1949-2012)
Guardian on Eastercon 2012; EightSquaredCon (Bradford) is Eastercon 2013; Satellite 4 (Glasgow) is Eastercon 2014
BSFA Awards winners; the introductory performance aroused much comment; more from PW Genreville; John Meaney; Liz Batty; Cheryl Morgan; Dave Hutchinson; BSFA grovels; PW Genreville again
Hugo shortlist
Dynamite Comics response to ERB Inc trademark lawsuit
Prometheus Awards shortlist
Pre-Eastercon TAFF newsletter
The British Fantasy Awards Constitution 2012
Stoker Award winners
Priest vs Clarkes redux (Irish Times)

1 April 2012
Unicorn Cookbook Found at the British Library
The Great Wall of Mexico (as predicted in John Sladek's 1973 story)
Writer Beware’s Swag Shop for Discerning Scammers
Stross Rule 35 remix novel
Locus drollery
"Clarke Judges Resign!"
Mary Robinette Kowal apologizes to his fans
"Spot Betting Scandal Hits British SF"
Lawrence Watt-Evans: "A new form of publication"

March 2012
John Clute's giraffe
The Register's worst-film poll
CBS vetoes fan production of Norman Spinrad's unused 1967 Star Trek script
Chris Priest lambasts the Clarke shortlist; others are moved to respond; Guardian coverage; more; still more (Scalzi roundup); Irish Times; Priest summary
Olympus 2012 membership now closed.
Racism and The Hunger Games
Village Voice and Writers of the Future; original article
2012 Clarke Award shortlist
Christine Brooke-Rose (1923-2012)
Eastercon programme online
H.P. Lovecraft remembered (BBC); "Lovecraft anniversary marked by feeling of creeping dread"
"What should a sci-fi spaceship REALLY look like?" (Register)
Harry Potter scenery tour a "rip-off" (Telegraph)
Reviewers for hire
M.A.R. Barker (1929-2012); obituary by Jo Walton at Tor
Solstice Awards for Octavia Butler, John Clute
"Hobbit pub in Southampton threatened with legal action" (BBC); Ian McKellen weighs in; possibility of resolution
Jean Giraud/Moebius (1938-2012)
London in 2014 Worldcon bid doomed to success
Thirstier Choppers (anag. 11, 6)
Chicon membership rates to rise on 1 April

February 2012
Clarke award submissions list
Bram Stoker nominees
Arc magazine launches today (20 Feb); some actual content on their Tumblr site
Nebula nominees
Harry Potter actor whinges about lack of Oscar nominations
Clive Barker has been at death's door
Kitschies winners
As Others See (and Patronize) Us
John Christopher (Sam Youd, 1922-2012); Guardian obit by Chris Priest; a footnote
Ardath Mayhar (1930-2012)
Spawn lawsuit settled
Muppets respond to Fox News

January 2012
BSFA Awards shortlist; SFE comment
"Starship Voyager dumped into skip"
FAAn Awards: deadline 1 March
File 770 scoops Ansible
HarperCollins e-rights grab
Shippey on Saler
Kitschies novel prize shortlist
This page as it was on 18 January
Connie Willis: SFWA Grand Master
Peter Nicholls (Our Founder) on the SFE
Suppressed by NASA: "the best science fiction film ever made in space"; may now be released
"5 Beloved Book Series That Continued (Badly) After the Original Authors Died "
Concatenation Spring 2012
Tolkien and the Nobel Prize (BBC)
"A sci-fi brothel for nerds"
Arthur C. Clarke in the DNB
Hugo nominations open
A graphic comment on the Cowboys & Aliens lawsuit
3 January: 75 Years Ago