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This page is the final repository for 2010 links from the ever-scrolling sidebar column at the right of the Ansible Links page. The editor has no intention of running regular checks on their continued validity.

December 2010
More on the Semiprozine/Fanzine Hugos
How H.G. Wells scorned Bromley
Harlan Ellison vs. Hitler
Geoffrey Hoyle, futurologist
The Transformer that dares not speak its name
Is Science Fiction Bad for Us?
TAFF 2011 candidates revealed; TAFF 2011 ballot
TAFF 2011 – last call ... leading to much action!
Frazetta estate feud, again (16 Dec)
Renovation (Worldcon 2011) PR3
Infinity Plus relaunches as ebook imprint
Incredibly obscure Roald Dahl MS (PW, 13 Dec)
The future of the Clarke Award
Naughty Grimm's Fairy Tales in China ten-foot pole warning
Conjour cancelled (3 Dec)
Shelley/Frankenstein MS exhibition

November 2010
Hobbits and racial purity
Greg & Astrid Bear vs Project Gutenberg
John Steakley (1951-2010)
Alan Moore as Santa Claus
Maison d'Ailleurs takes off
As others see us, part 5,271,009
Roz Kaveney wants a jetpack
R.I.P. Paul "Gamma" Gamble
NBA: fairy tales not allowed
2010 Nova awards
Olympus 2012: fuller website now up
Realms of Fantasy: new owner, long spoon; editors unchanged
"They move among us" (Observer, 7 Nov)
Autistica charity auction: name a character in future work by Peter F Hamilton, David Mitchell, Darren Shan, others
Harry Mulisch (1927-2010)
Supreme Wisdom of Spock

October 2010
Takeshi Shudo (1948-2010)
Margaret Atwood, in her copious spare time
SF debated at Cheltenham Literary Festival
Omni publisher Bob Guccione dies
China Miéville impersonators
Wiscon discourtesy; more; more; more
JKR wins Hans Christian Andersen prize
R.I.P. Realms of Fantasy; more; more
Rudy Rucker on Benoit Mandelbrot
The Doctor Who focus group
Willy the Wizard persists (but is still unlikely to win)
Norton Juster in person (PW)
Donald H Tuck (1922-2010)
Armadacon 22 (Plymouth) venue change
Eastercon 2011: an apology
Renovation Hugo base design competition
Terry Pratchett's coat of arms (scroll down) (and yes, I know what the motto means)
J.K. Rowling: Just when you thought it was safe ...
Uncertain Futures: Americans and Science Fiction in the Early Cold War Era (online exhibit)

September 2010
Atwood/Le Guin debate
US Banned Book Week
Dept of Neurovampirology (Guardian)
2011 TAFF race; LJ site
Harlan Ellison to say goodbye
Eastercon 2011 hotel booking (LJ), as not posted on the official LJ linked from the Illustrious website
Warning to tax-exempt US sf organizations
British Fantasy Award results (Langford is gobsmacked. Thanks, voters!)
Yet another Terry Pratchett interview (THE)
E.C. Tubb (1919-2010); SF Encyclopedia entry; funeral details
The Last of F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre (New York Times)
China Miéville in the Christian Science Monitor
Science fiction as baleful influence

August 2010
Eastercon 2011 wifi warning
Racefail meets Warhammer; more
Worldcon bid: New Zealand in 2020
Paul Krugman on Trantor
Hamlet in the original Klingon
Ray Bradbury at 90
World Fantasy Award shortlist; Guardian comment
Rekeying project: SF Encyclopedia first edition headwords
TAFF: the founding document
Ray Bradbury is not safe for work (Guardian)
James Shields's GUFF trip
Norman Spinrad's Publishing Death Spiral
Chesley Awards; Sidewise Awards
The Ray Bradbury prunes commercial
Krugman plugs Stross
The collector as dying breed (Guardian, 1 Aug)

July 2010
Another Alan Moore interview
European SF Awards nominations
Hugo voting deadline 31 July
Hachette NY bugged
BBC Proms: Doctor Who in the Albert Hall
Eaton Alive: Delany & Ellison
Royal Horticultural Society show: alien in crater of lettuce
James P. Hogan (1941-2010)
Campbell Memorial and Sturgeon winners; Shirley Jackson Award
"Star Wars – When the fans hit the Sith" (Independent 9 Jul)
"Authors Criticize Night Shade Books" (PW 6 Jul); Night Shade responds; more; SFWA jumps in
Mars craters named for George Pál & Percy Greg

June 2010
Scientists' choice of summer reading (Washington Post, 29 Jun)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre dead in fire
Secrets of sf film/tv drugs
Adam Roberts has crossed the Jordan
Locus Awards
Ray Harryhausen at 90 (BBC)
Neil Gaiman wins Carnegie Medal
Lawyers vs "Canned Unicorn Meat"
Campbell Memorial Award finalists
J.K. Rowling, billionaire (Forbes)
Terry Pratchett novel competition
Louise Cooper fantasy writing competition
Everett F. Bleiler (1920-2010)
OBEs for James Herbert and Brian Clemens
British Fantasy Awards shortlist
Chesley Awards shortlist
Ballard archive acquired by British Library; Independent
Arthur Herzog (1927-2010)
Boris Johnson wants a Harry Potter theme park
Sidewise Awards shortlist
The False J. Neil Schulman
Pat Cadigan's fantasy life
Mythopoeic Awards shortlist
Lightspeed webzine launched

May 2010
Jeanne Robinson (1948-2010)
The Asimov Mug
Heinlein on fandom, 1945
Eagle Awards
2010 Sturgeon finalists
Another and even sillier copyright suit. Allegedly.
Martin Gardner (1914-2010); Discover; SFE
Norman Spinrad's operation; expects to be released on Monday 31 May or Tuesday 1 June
Middlesex University MA: Creative Writing
2012 Worldcon site selection
Nebula Awards
Neil Gaiman, political football
Another Robert Stanek fan site
Frank Frazetta (1928-2010)
"Fans of Tintin cry foul"; "Tintin in court"
Is he a nutter?
Restored Metropolis "no longer a science-fiction film" (NY Times; scroll down)
Peter O'Donnell (1920-2010); Guardian
More sf politics: Kleggs vs Cleggs (Guardian)
Sharon Webb (1936-2010)
"Let The Wrong One In"
"The 30 Greatest Horses in The Arts" ( Telegraph) – genre picks include the Python Coconuts

April 2010
China Miéville wins his third Clarke Award; event report
Carnegie shortlist: several genre titles; Kate Greenaway shortlist
More Doctor Who follies (a BBC repeat)
Peter Watts – suspended sentence; some commentary; Peter Watts sums up
Rereading Animal Farm
A good word for SFWA
Campaign for Real Daleks
Locus Awards shortlist
George Scithers (1929-2010); SFE
"To Serve Man" in the news
Shirley Jackson Award shortlist
Aussiecon 4: rates rise on 1 May
Brian Stableford is selling his library
John Schoenherr (1935-2010); SFE
Eisner Award nominations
BAA: British Animation Awards
SFWA Solstice winners
Bad news about Jeanne Robinson
James Shields wins GUFF
Logo-alike: UK Space Agency and Doctor Who
John Hertz wins DUFF
Philip K. Dick award

Year of the Plank: remembering Douglas Adams
Traditional foolery from Locus (1 Apr)
William Mayne (1928-2010); SFE
Lionel Fanthorpe, Exorcist

March 2010
Clarke Award shortlist
SFRA Awards
Battlefield Earth – the apology
One reason to switch publishers
• Shortlists: Compton Crook, Prometheus
Steven Moffatt profile (Guardian, 22 Mar)
TAFF trip photos; and a group of 15 TAFF winners
Trouble at China's Science Fiction World
Graham Charnock on Corflu
FAAn Awards results; statistics [PDF]
Peter Watts trial – bad news; his own summary; more
Bruce Sterling pirated! (Wired)
Tiptree winners
Names in f'antasy (Guardian)
"A Whiff of Colonialism": PW on Norman Spinrad
Corey Haim (1971-2010) –Independent; Guardian
Razzies: Transformers 2 and more
Aussiecon (Worldcon 2010) hotel booking
Eastercon 2010 draft programme
Michael Foot (1913-2010)

February 2010
Hollywood vs the laws of physics (Guardian)
Invisible Cheryl; Mike Glyer plugs Ansible; Cheryl again
PW on the Nebula and Stoker ballots
A Letter of Note from Mr Ellison
David Severn (1918-2010)
Mervyn Jones (1922-2010)
FPI blog celebrates 5th birthday
CUFF ballot online
"SFX forgets women in horror"; commentary from Christopher Fowler; Guardian; SFX response
Pathetically unconvincing J.K. Rowling "plagiarism" case in the news again
George R.R. Martin in UK news (with another Tory pledge)
2009 Bram Stoker awards: final ballot (Locus)
2009 Nebulas: final ballot
Jim Harmon (1933-2010)
Locus poll and comments
A 2012 Eastercon bid; and another
Doctor Who vs the Thatcherons (Telegraph 14 Feb); Mail (15 Feb); Adam Roberts is soundbitten by the BBC
Connie Willis and the Joy of Research
LOTR prequel film (Telegraph 10 Feb)
David Cameron sf posters
William Tenn/Phil Klass (1920-2010); SFE entry; NY Times
DUFF 2010 site and ballot
Amazon links to Macmillan books return
Amazon vs Macmillan: authors are worried, three days after Amazon "capitulated" (3 Feb); "Amazon Capitulated My Ass"; will HarperCollins be next?; SFWA drops Amazon links
Locus Recommended Reading List for 2009

January 2010
Twilight films boost fantasy novel sales (Telegraph, 31 Jan)
M. John Harrison slams the "new" Wyndham novel (Guardian 30 Jan)
Amazon vs Macmillan; commentary at Making Light (and more), Whatever, BoingBoing, Charlie Stross, Scott Westerfeld; A271/links
SF Magazines Too Wide-Ranging And Eclectic ...?
Terry Pratchett's Dimbleby lecture, 1 Feb; preview story
Boris Johnson on Avatar (Telegraph)
2010 BSFA Award shortlist
"Ursula Le Guin leads revolt against Google digital book settlement" (Guardian); petition
2010 Aeon Award opens
More cover whitewash at Bloomsbury US; apology and withdrawal
Harry Potter Fandom Telethon online, in aid of Haiti (23 Jan)
Neil Gaiman profile (New Yorker)
RUSA Reading List awards
Gormenghast sequel (Telegraph 14 Jan)
Kage Baker: bad news, support needed; worse news
As the BBC Sees Us
More from Le Guin on the Google settlement
"Sci-fi and fantasy Londonium" gallery (Telegraph)
Hitchens on Ballard (Atlantic)
Dick estate vs Google, claiming rights to word "Nexus"; Independent
Doctor Who ginger agenda shock horror (Telegraph 7 Jan)
"Beware of Science Fiction"
Alien tastes revealed (Telegraph)
Aussiecon 4 Hugo nominations open
• Happy New Year!