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This page is the final repository for 2007 links from the ever-scrolling sidebar column at the right of the Ansible Links page. The editor has no intention of running regular checks on their continued validity.

December 2007
Marion Van Der Voort dies (26 Dec)
DUFF race 2008 (deadline 31 Jan!); on-line voting form with PayPal
• JKR oddments: Beedle the Bard and a BMJ paper
Arthur C. Clarke's 90th-birthday message (video)
Denvention song contest
Terry Pratchett: "An Embuggerance" (11 Dec); Guardian
Ellison no longer mad at Paramount (context here)
Doris Lessing's Nobel speech
SFWA rethink (after "Suicide Note" uproar); Scribd developments; Stross comment
Douglas Adams street campaign
Rowling lawsuit developments (4 Dec)
More free publicity for Philip Pullman (3 Dec)
"Why don't we love science fiction?" (2 Dec)
"Is 'Science Fiction' harming your kids?"

November 2007
"SFWA: The Suicide Note"; more
Dragon magazine's all-rights contract mocked by John Scalzi
Steve Holland on Peter Haining (1940-2007); Independent (Jack Adrian)
Proust the sf writer (via)
Chris Garcia wins TAFF (20 Nov)
Brian Aldiss on sf global warming (Guardian) -- fails to mention J.G. Ballard, George Turner or (see comments) Kim Stanley Robinson; more Aldiss (Times)
Margaret Atwood on Brave New World (Guardian)
As others see us
SFRA Conference moves
Ira Levin dies (12 Nov). International Herald Tribune; AP
Harlan Ellison on the warpath again (scroll down); a comment
SFWA on Writers Guild of America strike
Norman Mailer dies (10 Nov)
More American justice
Rowling and Warner crack down on unauthorised Potter encylopedia (Times); more; more; more. Full text of complaint (PDF); Q&A; restraining order granted; more commentary; BoingBoing discussion

October 2007
Terry Pratchett's "mini stroke" (Mail)
Failed futuristic predictions (via)
More Doctor Who stuff (The Register)
JKR: Dumbledore was gay (BBC)
Brian Aldiss in The Times (16 Oct)
Retro BSFA Award for 1958
David Gemmell is plagiarized
Doris Lessing wins the Nobel Prize
More copyright logomachy ; Ursula Le Guin comments [updated 14 Oct]; Cory Doctorow apologizes
"Fantastika in the World Storm": John Clute explains everything
2008 Hugo base design competition

September 2007
Clute on Robert Jordan (Independent, 27 Sep)
British Fantasy Awards (23 Sep)
Le Guin on Winterson (Guardian 22 Sep)
Douglas Hill: late obit (Guardian 19 Sep)
Robert Jordan dies (16 Sep) ; a word from George R.R. Martin ; AP report ; Times
John Clute interviewed
More on SFWA/Scribd at CNET
Creationist/ID sf
William Gibson in Belfast Telegraph
Madeleine L'Engle dies (6 Sep) ; Slate retrospective
Quantum Pratchett computing (The Reg)
Publishers Weekly on Ellison / Fantagraphics settlement -- the Ellison site version doesn't include the agreed Gary Groth rebuttal ; comment from Ellison lawyer ; past lawsuit timeline at Comics Journal
SFWA reaction (3 Sep) to bad press -- see (30 Aug)
Anticipation (Montréal) wins 2009 Worldcon site selection
The 2007 Hugos (1 Sep); voting breakdown (pdf)
Nippon 2007 Newsletters

August 2007
SFWA acts "fraudulently" in DMCA piracy complaint (30 Aug) ; more at Making Light , Ars Technica , Slashdot, SFWA, ...
Edward Gorey's Tribbles (via)
Cormac McCarthy: another award
Infinity Plus: the final update
World Fantasy Awards nominations -- updated with Life Achievement winners, Betty Ballantine and Diana Wynne Jones
#8: Harry Potter and the Chinese Empire (Scotsman, 19 Aug)
Gibson digested (Guardian, 14 Aug)
The New Yorker on Philip K. Dick
Alfred Bester letters quoted
John Gardner (1926-2007)
American Gods, and London literary novelists
More Gor
BFS Awards nominees
Anna Kavan panel photos
TAFF 2008: the race is on and here's the ballot (also PDFs: A4 and US)

July 2007
"Sci-fi helped make the present; now it's obsolete." (Discover)
Roz Kaveney on Deathly Hallows (TLS) ; also A.N. Wilson (Times)
For authors who don't know any better
Jon Carroll reprints without asking anyone's permission ; and so does Cory Doctorow (though with a link)
Homer Simpson and the Giant
Paleo-Future: A Look Into the Future That Never Was
TAFF 2008: nominations deadline extended
"Angry Old Men": Moorcock on Ballard
The pulp cover for "On Serious Literature"
Another "As Others [Don't] See Us" rant
Your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom
Ellison/Fantagraphics lawsuit resolved

June 2007
Harry Potter and the Imitation of Christ
Moorcock on Chabon (Telegraph)
Fred Saberhagen (1930-2007)
Sterling E. Lanier (1928-2007)
Douglas Hill (1935-2007) ; Independent
"The new sci-fi" (Guardian, 27 Jun)
Worrying about SETI (Independent, 27 Jun)
"Harry Potter and the Pedant of CIX" (The Register)
Roger Elwood (1943-2007)
"Lunatics meet the Fringe" ( via)
Locus Awards (16 Jun)
International Horror Guild award nominees (15 Jun)
Sci Fiction archive about to vanish (12 Jun) ; now gone (15 Jun); still here, though
Ditmar Awards (Australia)
Levitating islands. Allegedly. ( via)
Mythopoeic Awards finalists (9 Jun)
Sydney J Bounds: the last interview (The Zone)
"Geekological endgame" (Star Wars in the Guardian)
BFS Awards recommendations
Ray Bradbury misunderstood
Campbell Memorial Award shortlist (1 Jun)

May 2007
Doctor Who shutdown rumour (31 May) and comments
As Others Consult Us (or, The Dreamer Fithp Rides Again); Wired comment
SF Book Club upheaval (24 May)
Sturgeon Award shortlist (24 May)
Lloyd Alexander dies (17 May) ; Independent
Nebula Awards (12 May)
Clarke Award: M. John Harrison wins for Nova Swing (2 May)
More recognition for sf ; and more ; Slate analysis

April 2007
BBC on Alastair Reynolds (30 Apr)
2008 TAFF race announced (30 Apr)
Maggie Gee on Vonnegut (Telegraph, 28 Apr)
Gwyneth Jones on sf technology (Guardian, 26 Apr)
The Children of Húrin digested (24 Apr)
Langford on International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day (23 Apr) ; Jo Walton's links
Locus Award finalists (20 Apr)
GUFF fan fund result (18 Apr)
Mlclm Edwrds shrtns clsscs! (14 Apr)
JETS fan fund result (14 Apr)
Ballard World theme park?
Wired (12 Apr) on "As Others See Us"
SFWA VP denounces "webscabs" and the "Pixel-stained Technopeasant Wretch" ; a response; another (via)
Kurt Vonnegut dies (11 Apr): BBC ; AP ; Guardian ; Independent ; Telegraph
Eastercon 2007 newsletters ; more ; more
Eastercon 2009
Charlie Stross: "Why the commercial ebook market is broken"
Hugo list correction (1 Apr; not a joke)

March 2007
2007 GUFF candidates (16 April voting deadline!)
2007 Hugo shortlist; official version
The Curse of Barbara Bauer (still resenting this)
The Times discovers World of Warcraft
Redemption 09 venue change
On the "As Others See Us" syndrome (Guardian)
SFX says "Happy birthday Interzone!"
Obscure sf author achieves copious publicity
Tiptree biography wins NBCC award
Avoid alien mind control!
David Masson dies (25 Feb): Clute, Independent; Priest, Guardian; author page
Iain Banks mini-interview
Fantagraphics Defense Fund; more; more; more; TCJ discussion
J.K. Rowling to sue eBay? (via)
Concordia: Eastercon bid folds (3 Mar)
100 most treasured books (Guardian); dissenting comments here (scroll down) and here

February 2007
2007 Nebula ballot (26 Feb)
"World's Ugliest Awards": BFS , Poe , but why not the World Fantasy Award ?
Saturn Awards (film) shortlists
Checkpoint archive complete! (18 Feb)
Ed Gorman remembers Lin Carter
FAAn Awards (11 Feb)
Lee Hoffman dies (6 Feb)
ABEbooks sf & fantasy "rooms"
Whither the Fan Writer Hugo?
Keith Henson arrested ( CNET )

January 2007
David Eddings, Pyromaniac
2007 GUFF race
Desert Island Aldiss (28 Jan)
DNA Publications in trouble? Update
Clarke Award shortlist (20 Jan)
Weird Tales reshuffle
BSFA Awards final ballot (14 Jan)
Robert Anton Wilson dies (11 Jan); Independent (Clute)
Nebula preliminary ballot (9 Jan)
Sci Fi Weekly site of the week (gosh)
ISFDB: now anyone can edit it
Coming this year: The Journal of Horror Studies