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This page is the final repository for 2006 (and late 2005) links from the ever-scrolling sidebar column at the right of the Ansible Links page. The editor has no intention of running regular checks on their continued validity.

December 2006
2007 FAAn Awards Ballot
Children of Men ... not science fiction
Philippa Pearce dies (21 Dec); Times
J.K. Rowling gets a title
Joseph Barbera of Hanna-Barbera dies (18 Dec)
D.G. Compton, SFWA Author Emeritus
Craig Hinton memorial fanthology
Who Killed Science Fiction? (1960; 1961 Hugo winner; now expanded on line)
As Others See Us (The Age)
Eastercon 2007 has a hotel (7 Dec)
JETS candidates and ballot

November 2006
SFWA Grand Master: James Gunn
Maggie Noach dies (17 Nov)
Octavia Butler: call for papers
99 Rooms
Welsh Dragon sausage horror
Eastercon 2007 rescue bid approved at Novacon
Jack Williamson dies (10 Nov) ... Independent (Clute) ; Telegraph
TAFF race postponed to 2008
Verity Stob: Under Torch Wood
Choosing Eastercon 2009
Tolkien's million-pound bungalow
Wired: six-word sf stories
Hub magazine (launches Dec)
• Nigel Kneale obits: BBC; Guardian ; Independent ; Telegraph ; Times
Alternative to Eastercon 2007? ; more; more; more
BBC "My Science Fiction Life"

October 2006
Convoy (Eastercon 2007) cancelled
Nigel Kneale dies (29 Oct)
The headline that awaits sf authors
The D&D Defence
Ursula Le Guin "despicability" update
Stross vs Rusch (via)
More on John M. Ford (Guardian)
50 Years of Aniara (via)
Warning Signs for Tomorrow
Battlestar Galactica is ... not sf (Slate)
TAFF 2007 announcement and ballot
Homage to Fred Hoyle
Wilson Tucker dies (6 Oct) : Independent (Clute) ; Bloomington (IL) Pantagraph
BBC4 "Science Fiction Britannia"
Illustrating Eon
Fahrenheit 451 "filth"
Robert Anton Wilson needs help
Look and Learn
The Discworld Cake

September 2006
Ballard interview (29 Sep)
• John M. Ford: Independent (Clute) ; more sample postings ; more still ; memorial service
Greg Egan's "plea to save New Scientist"
The Prestige
Ursula Le Guin responds to all this stuff
John M. Ford dies . At age 49. Words fail me. He was a friend.
British Fantasy Awards
Sputnik57 e-zine
Another Harlan Ellison lawsuit, leading to infighting at PW ; and another
MacArthur grants
Nicola Griffith interview
Charles L. Grant dies (15 Sep)
Harry Bell to Corflu 2007 fund
• Ballard reviewed: Guardian (Le Guin) ; Sunday Times ; TLS (Harrison) ; Telegraph
Apogee Books -- new sf line
Times on Trek (11 Sep)
Eastercon 2007 woes
Oxford Mail on Brian Aldiss (6 Sep)
Checkpoint: 1970s archive complete
To boldly not go ...
The Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction
Dangermouse returns
Pantechnicon e-zine Worldcon 2006
Hugos and statistics; the award
Minding Harlan Ellison[3]; more; more; more; more; more still
Denver wins 2008 bid
John Hertz to Nippon 2007 fund
Hugo editor/artist rules change
Prometheus Awards
Sidewise Awards
Wired coverage

August 2006
Joseph Stefano dies (25 Aug)
British Fantasy Awards shortlist
Ursula Le Guin on Studio Ghibli Earthsea
Philip E. High dies (9 Aug)
Bob Leman dies (8 Aug)
World Fantasy Awards nominations
Emerald City to fold
Sapphire Award nominations

July 2006
David Gemmell dies (28 Jul) Obits: Guardian (Priest), Independent (Clute), Times (Stan Nicholls), Telegraph
Japan Expeditionary Travel Scholarship (JETS) -- a one-off fan fund
July TAFF newsletter
Edmund Cooper still controversial
Chesley Award nominations
Hugo deadline reminder: 31 Jul
rich brown dies (6 Jul)
Helix: new free sf webzine

June 2006
Jim Baen dies (28 Jun)
2007 TAFF race announced (25 Jun)
Eastercon glossary
Bram Stoker Awards (17 Jun)
Locus Awards (17 Jun)
Tim Hildebrandt dies (11 Jun)
Sidewise Awards finalists (11 Jun)
Terry Pratchett on piracy
International Horror Guild shortlist (Jun)
Mythopoeic Awards shortlist (5 Jun)

May 2006
Aeon Award contest (31 May)
The R.L. Fanthorpe Write-Alike Contest
Plunkett (Lord Dunsany) Award?
Bridget Bradshaw wins TAFF (27 May)
Dracorex hogwartsia
Octopus Pulp, Talking Squid
The 20 Worst [Literary] Agents List (updated after Barbara Bauer's attack on AbsoluteWrite)
Campbell & Sturgeon shortlists (23 May)
Darlingtonians of Gor (19 May) (Also:)
Carl Brandon Awards (17 May)
Val Guest dies
SLF Fountain Award result (15 May)
FAAn Awards (11 May) -- correcting initial announcement
Alexander Zinoveyev dies (10 May)
Nebula Awards (6 May)
The Sultan's Elephant (4-6 May)
"Archeology of the Future"
May-July Borders readings announced
Eurocon & Chernobyl photos
Geoff Ryman wins Clarke Award

April 2006
BSFA Awards
Eurocon Awards
Concussion (Eastercon) newsletter
Bram Stoker Awards shortlist
Clute on Morressy (Guardian, 10 Apr)
Priest on Lem (Guardian, 8 Apr)
TAFF voting deadline change
The Infinite Matrix returns as a 1 April one-off (including The Runcible Ansible)

March 2006
Stanislaw Lem dies (27 Mar)
2006 Hugo Nominees
David Feintuch dies (16 Mar)
Moorcock's Miscellany site down
Adam Roberts on the Clarke shortlist
Tom Shippey in the TLS
Octavia Butler memorial
"People's heads are becoming strange." (Studio Ghibli Earthsea trailer script)
Ballard on the Empire of the Sun film

February 2006
Octavia Butler dies (25 Feb)
Nebulas: final ballot
Ibooks & Byron Preiss Visual Publications bankruptcy
Robert Stanek meets Wikipedia
Lionel Fanthorpe sighting
Nick Lowe in the TLS
Dark Side plagiarism site

December 2005
Ken Bulmer dies (16 Dec)
Robert Sheckley dies (9 Dec)
2006 TAFF ballot and PDF