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This page is the final repository for 2019 links from the ever-scrolling sidebar column at the right of the Ansible Links page. The editor has no intention of running regular checks on their continued validity.

December 2019
Alasdair Gray (1934-2019); Guardian; Morning Star
Brian Aldiss remembered in photos
USDA and Wakanda
TAFFish 1 with TAFF finances, candidate interviews, January deadline reminder
Europa SF to shut down? Later: January relaunch announced
Lois McMaster Bujold, SFWA Grand Master
Christopher Priest: "A Hundred Books"
Rotsler Award to Alison Scott
DUFF 2020 nominations open

November 2019
The Return of John M. Ford
Eastercon 2019 accounts
ChiZine Publications in the news; the saga continues; ChiZine statement; still more; SFWA statement; summary at Writer Beware
TAFF 2020 ballot released [PDF]
World Fantasy Awards
TAFF 2020 candidates announced
BSFA Award nominations (members only)

October 2019
Clarke Award submissions open
"From Tiptree to Otherwise"
"Philip Pullman on Children’s Literature and the Critics Who Disdain It"
2020 GUFF nominations open
Stupid "Sci-fi makes you stupid" study refuted by scientists behind original research
GamesFest concerns (Event removed from the list on this page: website, Facebook and Twitter presences have all been deleted.)
Elgin Awards

September 2019
Gahan Wilson medical fundraiser
Dan Simmons, Climate Scientist, Speaks Out
2020 TAFF race announced; official PDF
Clarke Award sf competition for young people
SF² Concatenation Autumn 2019 Newscast
The other Campbell Award to become ...?
Nine Worlds Geekfest unlikely to be revived
Alice Sheldon and the name of the Tiptree Award
Martin Hoare's funeral

August 2019
Donations in memory of Martin Hoare
Campbell Award to become Astounding Award
Middle-earth Festival 2019 cancelled; next is September 2020
Worldcon bids roundup
Hugo statistics; administrator's commentary
Hugo winners
2021 Worldcon: DisCon III,Washington DC
Dublin 2019 newsletters
Hugos: live coverage (18 August)
Retro Hugo winners
Retro Hugos: live coverage (15 August)
Dublin 2019 Programme Schedule (now searchable)

July 2019
ESFS Awards shortlist
Seiun Awards (selected)
Rhysling Awards
Martin Hoare, 1952-2019
New York street to be named for Stan Lee
The Bonzo Dog Banned – legal costs fundraiser
World Fantasy Award shortlist and life achievement winners
British Fantasy Award shortlist
Dublin 2019 bombshell for parents of under-15s; belated official explanation; Facebook mutual support group for attending parents
Arthur C. Clarke Award winner
Dublin 2019 registration closes after 1 August; no sales at the door!
Shirley Jackson Award winners
Prometheus Award winners
Chesley Award winners
Game of Thrones tapestry
Mad magazine moribund

June 2019
Brian Eno's asteroid
Locus Award winners
Arthur C. Clarke Award tickets available
Peter Beagle awarded damages (but may never receive the money)
DC to close down Vertigo
Amazing Stories events calendar
Good Omens and the easily outraged
Dublin 2019 day passes now available
Ian Stewart remembers Jack Cohen
Mythopoeic Awards finalists
Small Press Day

May 2019
Malcolm Edwards steps down
GRRM: "An Ending"
Nebula Winners
John Carpenter Honoured at Cannes
Frazetta Auction Record
Horror Author Responds at Stupefying Length to Unseen Review
Dublin 2019 Hugo ballot: personalized links for online voting and the voter packet are being emailed to members
2021 Worldcon site selection voting
Bram Stoker Awards
Arthur C. Clarke Award shortlist
Locus Awards finalists
FAAn Awards
Dublin 2019 membership prices rise 6 May
Invisible Alien Miscegenation!

April 2019
Ed Naha medical expenses fundraiser
Carl Brandon edited by Jeanne Gomoll
SF² Concatenation Summer 2019 Newscast
TAFF and GUFF winners announced; TAFF release with voting details
Doc Weir Award history
Arthur C. Clarke Award: complete submissions list
Concentric 2020 is the next Eastercon
Ytterbium at-con newsletters
BSFA Awards
Norma K. Hemming Award (Australia) finalists
Gene Wolfe, 1931-2019
Retro Fan Hugos material at
Prometheus Award shortlist
Brave New Words shortlist
More on Writers of the Future
BSFA April venue change
As Others Use Us in an Example
Hugo and Retro Hugo Finalists
Vonda N. McIntyre 1948-2019; official obituary at File 770

March 2019
J.G. Ballard and Hyperprehistory
Narnia fan fiction by Francis Spufford
FAAn Awards voting deadline extended from15 March to 25 March
TAFF News Redux #2: the candidates interviewed
Lambda Award shortlists of genre interest
Sturgeon Award shortlist
Kitschies shortlist
BSFA London meeting: date changed to 20 March
More Nebula not-a-slate-at-all stuff

February 2019
20booksto50 indy-publishing slate for Nebula nominations is definitely not a slate; summary by Cora Buhlert
Ytterbium (Eastercon) PR3
Vonda N. McIntyre: bad news
Bram Stoker Awards shortlist
H.G. Wells Short Story Competition
Stupid lawsuit against Worldcon 76: latest
Locus Poll/Awards longlist
Retro Hugo fanzine eligibility at
Nebula Awards finalists
Eurocon/TitanCon rates rise on 25 February
BSFA Awards shortlist and voting form
Lui Cixin and the day job
Dublin 2019 price hike on 18 February
Carol Emshwiller 1921-2019; SFE
George Locke 1936-2019
Illustrating Howl's Moving Castle
YA fantasy debut cancelled after Twitter outrage

January 2019
Prometheus Hall of Fame shortlist
Dublin 2019 academic track Call for Papers
Gahan Wilson retires
SFWA to raise the word-rate bar
SF² Concatenation Spring 2019 Newscast
Collected Stories by David Redd
New publisher for Space and Time
Orwell Prize: new fiction category