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This page is the final repository for 2018 links from the ever-scrolling sidebar column at the right of the Ansible Links page. The editor has no intention of running regular checks on their continued validity.

December 2018
Ytterbium (Eastercon) accommodation bursaries
DUFF: no 2019 race
Nine Worlds tweetstorm; official response
TAFF News Redux
GUFF 2019 voting now open
Concentric 2020 Eastercon bid
SFWA and Writers of the Future
2019 TAFF voting has begun
Dublin 2019 Special Hugo category

November 2018
Bad Sex Award
Join the Dublin Worldcon by 31 December to qualify as a Hugo nominator
Robert Silverberg vs The Internet
Fake Britain map
2019 TAFF candidates announced
"Science Fiction & Information Law" essay competition
Japanese dystopia wins US award
Stan Lee (1922-2018)
"When I began A Game of Thrones I thought it might be a short story"
Nebula Awards rules changes
"Netflix, Warner Bros. Hit With $50M Suit Over Satanic Deity in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"
Greg Egan Superpermutes
2018 World Fantasy Awards Winners
"I Tried to Make Piracy Work for My Film – but Pirates Don’t Work for Anyone"

October 2018
George R.R. Martin Is Number 48
The Crimes of Bram Stoker
2018 British Fantasy Awards winners
2019 GUFF nominations open
Kelly Link, MacArthur fellow
"The London Horror Con Disaster"
Gestetner exhibition photos

September 2018
Space Opera Book Cover Maker
"Philip Pullman loses His Dark Materials ballpoint pen"
BSFA Awards: nominations open, with wider Best Novel eligibility
Genre titles on Man Booker shortlist
"Haruki Murakami withdraws from alternative Nobel prize"
Together Again for the First Time: Malzberg, Spinrad and Verne!
SF² Concatenation Autumn 2018 Newscast
2019 TAFF race: nomination and voting dates

August 2018 continued
Christopher Priest: "50 Not Out"
What Should Become of Judy-Lynn Del Rey's Hugo?
Requiem for Sad Puppies
"The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction is the Best Place on the Internet" (blush)
Michael Scott Rohan memorial site (reminiscences solicited)

Worldcon 76
Closing Ceremony
N.K. Jemisin's Hugo speech
Hugo Awards; detailed voting breakdown [PDF]
CoNZealand: Worldcon 2020 in New Zealand
Hugo Base Design
Sidewise Awards
Chesley Awards
Retro Hugo Base Design
Retro Hugo Awards; detailed voting breakdown [PDF]
Opening Ceremony Awards
Daily Newsletters

August 2018
Michael Scott Rohan (1951-2018)
R.I.P. Wadfest
The Future of Nine Worlds Geekfest
As the USSR Saw Us (1947)
2018 TAFF trip blog
Worldcon 76 Programme

July 2018
Stupid lawsuit against Worldcon 76 continues
"Inside the World of Racist Science Fiction"
World Fantasy Awards shortlists
"Worldcon 76 Program Troubles"; A New Hope; more
Mythopoeic Awards
Lost moon
• Trademark application alerts: Dragon Slayer; highly distinctive cover design; BrewDog PLC grabs "fanzine".
Arthur C. Clarke Award
TAFF News Special Report
Pooh map auctioned
The last page of the Book of Mazarbul
British Fantasy Awards shortlists
New Zealand in 2020 (Worldcon bid): change of dates

June 2018
Harlan Ellison (1934-2018)
Weird Fantasy and Weird Science trademark applications
Locus Awards Winners
Blake's 7 remembered
Shimmer magazine to close
Donna Maree Hanson's GUFF trip report (ebook)
Campbell Memorial Award shortlist
Juliet E. McKenna and Wikipedia
Space Babe Coloring Book (all proceeds to the Tiptree Award)
James Branch Cabell meets OCR

May 2018
Kristine Kathryn Rusch on literary agents and embezzlement; Jim C. Hines comments
2018 Hugo Voter Packet
"UK Brexit proposals nominated for Hugo Award in Fantasy category"
Michael Swanwick on Gardner Dozois (1947-2018); SF Encyclopedia links roundup
Mythopoeic Awards shortlists
The Further Adventures of Jerry Cornelius
"The harbingers of Doomwatch"
2017 Nebula Awards
"Time to take Science Fiction seriously?"
H.P. Wells?
Clarke Award tickets
FAAn Awards
2019 Diana Wynne Jones conference call for papers
Gollancz: An open letter to The Bookseller; the editor responds
V.E. Schwab's Tolkien lecture: video online
Clarke Award shortlist
Hugo voting opens 3 May
Locus Awards shortlists

April 2018
"Writers of the Future and Scientology, Redux"
Jim Mowatt's TAFF report
Amazing Stories open for submissions
Gemmell Awards shortlists
Twit sues Worldcon 76
SF² Concatenation Summer 2018 Newscast
British Science-Fiction Bibliography (1937)
Sublime Cognition call for papers by 1 May
Kitschies winners
CRSF call for papers by 30 April
• Fan fund winners announced: DUFF, GUFF, TAFF plus fuller TAFF Press Release [PDF]

March 2018
BSFA Awards
Hugo shortlist and Retro-Hugo shortlist
Philip K. Dick Award
Harry Potter and the Bookseller of Larceny
The signs of Didcot
Kitschies shortlists
Clarke Award submissions list
Kate Wilhelm (1928-2018)
Peter Nicholls (1939-2018)
A Proposal to Re-Name the Young Adult Book Award at Worldcon 76; more
2017 Bram Stoker Awards
"Fantasy Writer Terry Goodkind Now Claims He Hated His Book Cover Because It's 'Sexist'" (see A368)
Looking at some crowdfunding data (see A368)
Tor Books reshuffle
Ansible 368 had several production hiccups. Heavy snow on 1 March made the prospect of the usual town-centre copy shop seem deeply uninviting, and paper copies were coaxed out of the ancient Ansible laser printer. After an unpleasant trip to the post box, it was time for the digital editions ... at which point our broadband stopped working. Updating the website via cellphone is not unlike uploading a camel through the eye of a needle. Various other notifications, the email lists and Usenet had to wait until net access was restored on 2 March. What fun.

February 2018
Robotech RPG Tactics: when Kickstarters go bad
LeVar Burton reads "Different Kinds of Darkness"; also at Apple Podcasts
28 February BSFA meeting postponed
Dublin 2019 rates to rise in April
2017 Nebula finalists
2018 GUFF ballot
BSFA Awards final ballot
Gemmell Awards longlist voting
Follycon day memberships
Hugo nominations open
Bram Stoker Awards finalists
2018 DUFF Ballot
Brave New Words award shortlist

January 2018
Retro Fan Hugos information page
Ursula K. Le Guin 1929-2018; also BBC, Belfast Telegraph, File 770, Guardian, Independent, LA Times, Locus, New York Times, NPR, SFWA,, Washington Post; a Le Guin letter at Doctor Strangemind; Margaret Atwood, David Mitchell, Christopher Priest; "On Serious Literature" in Ansible and a letter to Thog
SFWA decides to draw the line somewhere; File 770 names names (see also below)
Philip K. Dick Award shortlist
SF² Concatenation Spring 2018 Newscast
FAAn Awards voting for 2017 work
SF Foundation Masterclass in SF Criticism
Peter Beagle's lawsuit delayed by Connor Cochran filing for bankruptcy; more here
BSFA Awards: longlist and round 2 of nominations
Worldcon 76 Exclusion Act; more at File 770; Jim C. Hines provides background
True Rat: The Beast of Leroy Kettle [expanded 10 January with an article we'd all missed]