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This page is the final repository for 2017 links from the ever-scrolling sidebar column at the right of the Ansible Links page. The editor has no intention of running regular checks on their continued validity.

December 2017
TAFF News #3: the 2018 candidates reveal all
GUFF 2018 nominations open
Nature sf roundup
Short Shrift ebook upgraded
Doctor Strangemind (Kim Huett)
2018 DUFF nominations open
2018 TAFF race announced in TAFF News #2; online voting form; HTML and PDF ballots.

November 2017
BSFA Awards nominations are open
Science fiction triggers "poorer reading", allegedly, or just makes you stupid
Christopher Tolkien steps down
Jet pack over Reading
World Fantasy Awards winners
The Peter S. Beagle statement; a related legal development
2018 westbound TAFF race

October 2017
Saint Tolkien?
Burn This Book
Transcribing Rusty Hevelin's fanzine collection
Amazing Stories/NBC dispute apparently resolved
Sputnik Awards
British Fantasy Awards

September 2017
1956 Hugo finalists revealed
SF² Concatenation Autumn 2017 Newscast
Jerry Pournelle (1933-2017); more from Locus, John Scalzi, SFWA; memories shared at Chaos Manor
NBC and Amazing Stories
Dragon Awards
Remembering Brian Aldiss; PDF now added as Ansible 362½

August 2017
Who Owns Buck Rogers?
Pratchettiana crushed by steamroller
"The Brief, Tumultuous Reign Of An Erstwhile Best-Seller"; more at The Mary Sue
Brian Aldiss (1925-2017); SF Encyclopedia entry and news piece with links; Guardian obituary by Chris Priest
Worldcon 77: Dublin in 2019
2017 Hugo winners; Guardian commentary. Official PDFs: voting; nominations; last 10 nominations rounds; E Pluribus Hugo vs former system; admin decisions; Worldcon 75 site
Dragon [Con] Awards shortlist; Puppy and other slates; Goodreads ratings comparisons; more statistics; John Scalzi withdraws; official press release | Dragon Con response to Alison Littlewood, who asked to withdraw; F770 is on the case. Next: Littlewood allowed to withdraw, Scalzi persuaded to remain; official confirmation; Scalzi comments; N.K. Jemisin withdraws.
Harper Voyager UK diversifies into cheap Chinese NFL jerseys; site now fixed, but we kept a screenshot
Dublin in 2019 presupporter sign-up closes on 6 August
As Others See Us

July 2017
Mythopoeic Awards winners
Clarke Award winner: The Underground Railroad
World Fantasy Awards finalists and life achievement honorees
"How to Make a Clichéd High Fantasy Cover"
"Predatory Journals Hit By ‘Star Wars’ Sting"
Worldcon 75 (preliminary) programme schedule
The Doctor Who news you've all heard
British Fantasy Awards shortlists
Penthouse (Re-) Acquires Omni; files lawsuit against Omni Reboot
SFRA Awards
Science Fiction or Post Apocalypse?

June 2017
Authors for Grenfell Tower: An Online Auction (closes 27 June)
James White Award finalists; winner
Locus Awards
Sidewise Awards finalists
2017 ESFS Awards
Eurocon 2019 in Belfast
Satellite 6 prices rise 1 July
Dr Seuss lawsuit developments
Washington DC in 2021 Worldcon bid (replacing the DC in 2024 bid)
Mythopoeic Awards finalists
Adam West 1928-2017; Bat-Signal in his honour
Fear magazine closes
"Why won’t novelists reckon with climate change?"
2019 Worldcon site selection voting begins
2017 Campbell Memorial Award finalists

May 2017
British Fanzine Bibliography now also covers 1991-2000
Sturgeon Award finalists
Nebula Awards winners
Locus Awards finalists
Birmingham FearFest "postponed"
2017 Clarke Award shortlist; "Shadow Jury" choices

April 2017
2017 FAAN Awards winners
2017 Stoker Awards winners
Adam Roberts reads all of H.G. Wells
2017 Gemmell Awards shortlists and voting
2017 TAFF result; also GUFF
Ytterbium (Eastercon 2019)
BSFA Award winners
Doc Weir Award winners
Philip K. Dick Award winner
SF² Concatenation Summer 2017 Newscast
Eastercon programme schedule
World Fantasy Award: new trophy design
Don't mess with the X-Men
Obscure SF author jailed for rape
Harry Potter and the Awards of Olivier
2017 Hugo shortlist; a note on diminished rabidity
Changes at Strange Horizons
Peter David: "I am in Desperate Trouble"
2017 SFF Critical Masterclass: how to apply
How Many Times Does Braid-Tugging and Skirt-Smoothing Happen in The Wheel of Time?
Last Tweets of the Krell
Tolkien Society Awards shortlist

March 2017
Edward James: 2017 IAFA Distinguished Scholarship Award
Prometheus Award shortlist
SFPA becomes SFPA!
Doctor Who and the CIA
Zootopia lawsuit
Amazon Yanks Castalia House’s The Corroding Empire; a comment from Camestros Felapton; more at F770
2017 DUFF result
2017 GUFF voting deadline extended
Some HWA Awards
File 770 Withdraws From 2017 Hugos
FAAn Awards ballot [PDF]
The Kitschies have a new sponsor

February 2017
Ursula K. Le Guin honoured
Rhysling Awards longlist
2017 TAFF Campaign Latest (and voting deadline extended)
Stoker Awards shortlist
Ted White "Save My House" appeal
Anglia Ruskin Centre for Science Fiction and Fantasy
Nebula Awards shortlist –corrected; as first announced; Cat Rambo comments
BSFA Awards shortlist
The Clute Science Fiction Library
2017 Clarke Award submissions
Hilary Bailey: Guardian obituary
Exit Fangoria? Another view
Edward Bryant (1945-2017)
Locus Poll and Survey

January 2017
WSFS: The <blank> Award for Best Young Adult Book Shortlist Survey
2017 DUFF Ballot
"SFWA Statement on Magazines and the Monetization of Writers"
2001 etc. in another copyright lawsuit closing down
SF² Concatenation Spring 2017 Newscast
Ansible Editions offers a free Then sample download in a naked attempt to influence BSFA shortlist voting and Hugo nominations
Borges plagiarism case
Peter Weston 1943-2017; Locus
Hugo nominations are open
BSFA Award longlists (vote for shortlist by 31 January)
Axanar lawsuit latest; and now it's been settled
Chris Priest flees Brexit-torn England
All Romance eBooks goes down in flames; more