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Ansible is David Langford's infamous British SF/fan newsletter, published since 1979. The current series (from 1991) was hosted for many years at Glasgow University, but the primary site is now, which also archives the first series (1979-1987).

This is not exactly a site redesign, but the default page at has changed as of March 2009 from this former "front page" to the more useful and frequently updated Links page. More recently (2014), all and pages have switched to and respectively.

The Runcible Ansible was a regular preview column in Eileen Gunn's webzine The Infinite Matrix, updated weekly until this site became static at the end of 2005. (One last instalment appeared as part of a surprise site update in April 2006.) A printed digest of Ansible appears as "Ansible Link" in the now bimonthly Interzone.

The links in the right-hand panel will tell you more about Ansible than you could possibly wish to know.

The UK print edition was normally produced by Kall Kwik, St Mary's Butts, Reading; or, in times of haste or difficulty and also ever since the pandemic began, on the Ansible HQ printer. In olden times when Ansible was distributed at London First Thursday meetings, I used to have it done en route at The Print Centre in Store Street, off the Tottenham Court Road.

– David Langford