Ansible logo Links: 2016

This page is the final repository for 2016 links from the ever-scrolling Infinitely Improbable sidebar column at the right of the Ansible Links page. The editor has no intention of running regular checks on their continued validity.

July 2016
Fun with World Fantasy Convention programming
"Luc Besson Found Guilty of Plagiarizing"
Conception (RPG event) discontinued
SFWA admits game writers
UK SF/Fantasy Literary Map
2016 Seiun Awards
2016 World Fantasy Awards shortlist and Life Achievement honours
Shirley Jackson Awards winners
2016 Sidewise Awards shortlist
2016 Gemmell Awards shortlists/voting
Fear magazine returns

June 2016
Lord Vetinari takes control of the UK
2016 Locus Award winners
George Lucas abandons Chicago; another view
First Eugie Foster Award shortlist
2016 Rhysling Award winners
Retro Hugo ballot change
One for Writer Beware?
2016 Campbell Memorial Award shortlist
Eurocon 2016 (Barcelona) sold out!
2016 Chesley Awards shortlist
2016 British Fantasy Awards shortlist
2016 Mythopoeic Awards shortlist

May 2016
2016 Hugo voter packet released (PIN needed)
Ayn Rand, Superhero
Axanar counterclaim; ongoing coverage at Axamonitor
Marvel and DC back down over "superhero" trademark enforcement
MidAmeriCon II membership offer, 27-30 May only
Chuck Tingle grabs the domain
Nicholas Fisk (1923-2016)
Hugo Awards: voting now open
FAAn Awards winners
Nebula Awards winners
Bram Stoker Awards winners
Gemmell awards longlists: voting now open
"Into the dystopian world of Beatrix Potter"
Forgotten Futures: no more shareware registration
2016 Hugo finalists, amended; what has changed
Fantasy books such as Game of Thrones can damage children's brains, head teacher says
SF Signal closing down
Locus Awards shortlist
Shirley Jackson Awards shortlist
Black Gate declines Hugo nomination (see File 770 for ongoing Hugo and topical coverage)

April 2016
2016 Clarke Award shortlist
2016 Hugo finalists [PDF]; puppy droppings analysed; Tom Mays withdraws story
Retro Hugo finalists [PDF]
SF² Concatenation Summer 2016 Newscast
"Hugo Award Nominations Shatter Records; Finalists to be Announced April 26"
Sturgeon Award shortlist
SF Hall of Fame: nominations thrown open to the public, closing 10 April!
Astrid Lindgren memorial award
Dragon Con launches its own awards
Prometheus Award shortlist
Tiptree Award winners
• Sad lack of pointless and annoying April Fool japes in Ansible 345

March 2016
Design a new World Fantasy Award! Commentary at File 770
2016 TAFF winner announced; see also TAFFWorld #6, April 2016
Follycon: Eastercon 2018
BSFA Awards
Ditmar Awards
TAFFWorld #5 with deadline alert
2016 DUFF online ballot
Paramount/CBS Amended Complaint Against Axanar
Follycon: Eastercon 2018 bid, Harrogate
Pasgon (Eastercon 2017, Cardiff) has been cancelled; email sent to members
Kitschies Winners
Arthur C. Clarke Award complete submissions list 2016
HWA Life Achievement honours

February 2016
Samhain Publishing to close
Stoker Awards shortlist
Kitschies shortlist
Bud Webster (1952-2016) medical expenses fundraiser
Nebula Awards shortlist
Norma K. Hemming Award shortlist
"C.J. Cherryh Named SFWA Damon Knight Grand Master"
Amazon's fake Stephen Kings
Health & Safety Strikes Back
Amazon and the zombie apocalypse
DUFF nominations open (and close soon)
Another lawsuit: Dark Hunter vs Shadowhunter; defendant has past form; a spirited response; Slate commentary
BSFA Awards shortlist
London First Thursday meetings: another change of plan
On World Fantasy Con harassment and accessibility concerns; belated action
Locus Recommended Reading List

January 2016
Hugo nominations are open
FAAn Award nominations are open
"On the Firing of a Tenured Professor" (sf critic Rob Latham)
Lionel Fanthorpe in the news
A plaque for Terry Pratchett
SFWA market reports now available to all
Campaign for Gerry Anderson plaques in Kilburn
Thog on Fire
Stoker Awards: Preliminary Ballot
David G. Hartwell 1941-2016
SF² Concatenation Spring 2016 Newscast
"Pullman resigns from Oxford Lit Fest over author pay"
Second lawsuit against Peter Beagle's publisher
Apex & Lightspeed no longer semiprozines
Eurocon 2017
David Bowie 1947-2016
Lois Tilton leaves Locus Online; Locus responds
Rabid Pups vs Goodreads
"Name new element 117 Octarine, in honour of Terry Pratchett's Discworld"
"Google translated Russia to 'Mordor' in 'automated' error"
Edward Gorey’s Illustrated Envelopes
Horror Writers Association UK Chapter
Beware Fake Penguin Employee!
BSFA Award nominations, round 2
The Axanar FAQ
1956 Worldcon photos: can you identify the unknowns?