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Ansible normally appears monthly, on or near the first day of the month and is posted to the list as soon as possible after the printed edition has been produced. This is not a discussion list. Expect only one message per month, consisting of the plain-text content of the new Ansible. Sometimes, though very rarely these days, there may be a Christmas extra or a genuinely urgent correction to the current issue.

Each mailing consists of the full contents of the new Ansible, sent as plain text. To subscribe to the full-text mailing list, send email to – the actual message content doesn't matter.

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You may be asked to reply to an automatic Google Groups email to confirm your address. Or (depending on Google's whim) you may just be welcomed to the list.

Please remember to send an "unsubscribe" message from the same e-mail address if you no longer want to receive Ansible by this route, or before switching to another delivery address. The unsubscribe address is

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You can also read new issues at the Google Groups website, although they look much nicer at Ansible's own site:

In either case it's possible to change your subscription details at this website, if you have a free Google account or don't mind signing up for one. For those who regard Google as the Great Satan of data mining – please note that you don't need a Google account to subscribe or unsubscribe by email as above.

Any queries about the mailing lists? Ask David Langford.