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This is all hero supporter Tanya Brown's idea, and here's her explanation – followed by an alternative suggestion.

All About AvantGo

AvantGo publishes a variety of channels for download to handheld computers such as the Palm. Providers include the Guardian, the New York Times, Space.Com, Random House – and now Ansible!

To have Ansible delivered, monthly, to your web-connected handheld, just sign up (it's free) for an AvantGo account (and software download) at ...

Ansible is listed in the UK Entertainment section. We used a Handspring Visor, and it took about 20 minutes to set up AvantGo from scratch. The daily HotSync is under a minute, including another ten channels that looked interesting ... Where's Plokta, hmmm? (Tanya Brown)

Ansible is normally updated on print publication day or the day after, usually by the 10th of each month.

PDA Alternatives

AvantGo gets its Ansible updates from the first URL below, which is the same for every issue. If you have other software to grab pages for offline browsing, here's where to point it:

Alternatively, this automatic script doesn't rely on Langford remembering to update the above page:

For example, one possibility that's been mentioned to me is "a GNU program which compresses web pages better than AvantGo and is smaller itself. It is called Plucker and can be found at" (Michael Bernardi)